About Sri Murugan Stores

Sri Murugan Stores is an outstanding home needs store, located in the heart of booming place in Chennai, called Mugalivakkam Main Road. The stores is owned and run by an extremely able and eminent personality , who has meticulously blended the old traditional values and ethics of Chennai retail stores with a touch of trendiness to the multifarious home need items sold here.

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The mother store of this retail stores, had been established in Chennai in the year of 1963. That too in the heart of the city, T. Nagar. The owner of this shop hails from the family of veterans who have been highly successful in winning the hearts and loyalty of many lakhs of customers in Chennai. The shop reflects the rich culture, value system of seasoned and honest business transactions.

Founder's prowess lies in the search for authentic and top notch products. A perfectionist by nature, he hunts for hygienic, skin friendly prime products that he himself would love to buy for his family. It is so very thorough and exhaustive that, one will be pleasantly surprised to see the collection of home needs displayed in the store.

Sri Murugan Stores enjoys a strong level of trust and reliability from its customers, for several years now, just like their other branches of stores which has been functional for the past five decades in Chennai. Yes, Our same old Annaachi kadai catering to our modern home needs of the day. A store that has enough substance presented in a fine style targeting the young and old crowd of Chennai.

This retail stores proudly presents more than 2 lakhs products to its customers, which definitely makes them an unique , one stop shop for all home needs.