Electrical Home Appliances

At Sri Murugan Stores, one can find an exclusive floor for electrical home appliances which is available is in the second floor of the opposite building. "Name it and you have it" is their customer service motto.

All the electrical appliances that makes people's life easier and better are stocked carefully.

Preethi, Prestige, Premier, Phillips, Butterfly, Vidiem, Pigeon, Jyothi, Smart, Morphy richards, crompton greaves, Orient, Havells, Khaitan, Rekson, Jainx, Spark and many many more brands are available for customers to compare and choose to suit their financial and dream needs. Cooker, Mixie, non stick pans, grinder, Kettle. Pop corn maker, Sandwich maker, Roti maker, Coffee maker, Juicer mixer, electrical Vegetable chopper, Electrical hand blend, Induction Stoves and Electric Rice cookers.

The Plastic Items Stocked are

Recycled plastic stools, Patla - manaigal, corner shelves, jugs, hangers, tea filters, water bottles, micro waveable containers, kulfi mold, water sprayers, mugs, plastic stools, buckets, kudam, cooker grinder mixer, bubble top water can stand - thick iron stand, steel stand, vessels stand.

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The Kitchan Ware items

Sri Murugan Stores enjoys a strong level of trust and reliability from its customers, for several years now, just like their other branches of stores which has been functional for the past five decades in Chennai. Yes, Our same old Annaachi kadai catering to our modern home needs of the day. A store that has enough substance presented in a fine style targeting the young and old crowd of Chennai.

This retail stores proudly presents more than 2 lakhs products to its customers, which definitely makes them an unique , one stop shop for all home needs.

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Cosmetics Items

All and sundry items plus cosmetics items like tooth picks, ear buds, pen stands, Mehandi cones,deodarants, perfumes, chains, hair bands, moisturirsing lip sticks/lip balms, dazzlers,hair bands, Banjaaras products, Nivea creams, face creams, powders , Bangles, earrings, chains, rings,Hair dryers, Nail cutters, massage sticks, foot scrubs etc.. are stocked in right quantities without compromising the quality.

Many more useful items like: Pen torches, Mirrors, Photos with frames, Charts, yoga mats, Sharpeners, small handy books, balls flash cards, bubbles, umbrellas, belts, china clay items, tea trays, Unique and cute Indian crafted china clay items, Glass wares for kitchen use, notes, hand towels, Reusable white board charts, Fridge cover, washing machine covers, pouches, storage boxes, lunch bags, pencil pouches, cello tapes, led bulbs, lights, clip boards, utility pouches, abdomen belts, wooden tea Costas, travel pillow, heat mats, caps rain coats, water cans, dust bins, plastic baskets traditionally known as koodai, letters/mail holders, plastic piggy banks Unique items like Cooking caps, washing balls are also available in this shop.

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Fancy watches, different forms and designs of cute key chains, desk crayons, sketches, note covers, calculators, pin board, Locks of varying sizes, trendy Key chain holders, and amazing wind chimes collections are also available round the year. and papers, scribbling pads, anabond, modelling clay ,excellent range of high quality and exquisite craft items for children to work with and build wonderful crafted products.

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